Premium & Luxury

Premium Fashion Brand


MUCHO is a Premium Fashion Brand founded in 2014.

It offers fashionable and timeless High-Sportsfashion with exceptional Unisex Urban Styles.

The assortment ranges from timeless basics to eye-catching »Art to Wear« pieces.

The focus of the collections, which are strictly limited for the time being, is on high quality, durability and sustainability.

The production is 100% in Vèneto, Italy.

We work exclusively with small, specialised family businesses.

Short production and transport routes set us apart from the fast fashion industry in terms of ecology and quality.

Luxury Fashion Brand


VALENTIN SCHANZ is a Luxury Fashion Brand founded in 2020.

It stands for timeless and elegant unisex prêt-à-porter that features detail-oriented aesthetics and the highest quality.

Elegance, exclusivity and modernity result in luxurious creations that achieve a subtle, powerful, lasting effect.

Influences can be found in well-known luxury brands as well as in art movements of modern minimalism, antiquity, baroque, gothic and renaissance.

The conscious production "100% Made in Italy" guarantees the high quality and longevity of the products.

The striking, subtle and refined prêt-à-porter serves the desire for sustainability and value.

Contemporary Art Brand


FR3343V3R is a Contemporary Art Brand founded in 2020.

It stands for expressive, modern art with aesthetics, message and emotion.

The artworks focus on the artist's expression and attitude towards social issues.

Influences are mainly found in minimalism, urban art and expressionism.

The small to large format artworks on paper and canvas consist of acrylic paint or mixed techniques.

Colours and materials create maximally abstracted, minimalist and expressively depicted emotions.

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